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May 18th marked the day that I started my journey to service the racquet sports playing community with excellent service and tireless commitment.  I never dreamed that being a business owner would take me down such a winding road of satisfaction and challenges.


At first, it seemed simple…open for business, get to work on time, do your job.  There was no world-wide web, no big warehouse stores or express shippers.  There were only brick and mortar stores and the competition was fierce!  But from day 1, I knew that stringing hadn’t yet found a place of excellence in NYC.


Imagine…a racquet stringing shop in the most iconic railroad terminal in the world!  Grand Central Terminal!  I knew the potential clientele well.  After all, for the previous 13 years, I had been manager and buyer for the first sporting goods store in Grand Central-  Commuter Sports Centre.  That is where I developed my love for stringing.


Fast forward 25 years and you’ll find a still youthful yet clearly older Woody, who has never lost his passion for talking about tennis, helping customers and most importantly getting behind that machine to give the best stringing possible to my customers.  These are my clients, my friends and yes, my followers.  I’ve received awards, accolades and articles in major publications but nothing thrills me more than the day to day interaction with my customers.


So, there is a little slice of my story.  I want to thank you for taking the time to read it.  And, especially thank you for being part of my journey.  See you at the shop!


Woody Schneider