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I have now had the opportunity to play with my new prince racquet. I just love it. Thank you so much for making it so good. I now experience how it feels to have a ball that flies way faster!!!
– Cecilia from Sweden
My father Steve recently toured the US and visited your shop when they were in NY. While they were there they purchased 2 tecnifibre racquets from you. Well I have had them for some time now and can give a verdict...... Bloody good mate! Thank you on advising my mum and dad on buying these tecnifibres, they have served me well!!
– Ryan
Congratulations Woody! I am so happy to be a friend and am blessed to be working with you. Thanks for all that you do and have always done to support our brand Dunlap Sports.
– Kai
Dunlap Sports
I got a racquet from you guys last Friday (Wilson BLX) and just wanted to say thanks for the quality work. Played for a good 4 hours over the weekend and had a blast. Will definitely be coming back. Thanks again.
– Charles
Congrats about (the new store), it's very nice and huge compared to the original one. Thanks for selling me that racquet. I've just begun to use it and it feels very comfortable! Expect some day so see the US Open in NYC, and will pass through your store for more tennis supplies.
– David
Your commitment to customer service and BEST IN CLASS VENDOR RELATIONS makes NYC Racquet Sports the benchmark for brick and mortar retail in the tennis industry.
– Brad CSM Nike Tennis NA
Congratulations Woody! Everyone in your stores are nice, experienced, and knowledgeable about the equipment. Grand Central Racquet has a winning formula!
– Nancy E.
Congratulations again on 20 Years of Being the BEST Tennis Retailer in NYC! You should be very proud of what you and Joan have accomplished. Seems like only yesterday that you and I would spend hours down stairs talking business and how to conquer the world. You have always been honest, straightforward and have kept your customer's needs first - they keys to your success. I am proud to call you my friend and look forward for 30th Anniversary!
– John
Northern Regional Sales Manager
HeadPenn Racquet Sports
Just wanted to say thanks for the Luxilon Fluoro recommendation. It was like a whole new world playing with that. I might go another pound tighter next time like you recommended, but even how I had it strung yesterday was outstanding. Thanks again
– Mike
GCR has been a great retail partner for Babolat USA. Woody is a part of our VS String team and his credibility, knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry make GCR one of the retail leaders in the pro specialty tennis industry! "The NYC Retail tennis scene would not be the same without GCR" Thanks.
– Mickey
Mazel Tov, Woody, (Joan, Mark and Team Grand Central Racquet)!!! Time flies when you're having fun. As one of your long time customers, and more importantly, a long time friend, I am extremely proud to have watched you build an award winning, well respected and outstanding business from nothing. I very much look forward to supporting you and watching the business continue to flourish and grow for the next 20 years.
– Steve
Just wanted to drop a line thanking you for a magnificent stringing job. My racquet's doing things I never thought it could! Thanks
– J
A quick note of praise for your pro Mark. I am new to the game of squash and am grateful and impressed with how much knowledge he has, coupled with the desire to find me the best product. I will continue to use Mark and your store for all of my squash needs.
– Matthew
Managing Director
Jefferies & Company
No one else does it quite like you, anywhere. The best part of your story is telling tennis players about your unique approach to restringing.
– Bob
It makes me very happy to have had some involvement in your history at GCT. Your service can't be beat, and you deserve all the positive recognition you have received over the years! Congratulations!!!
– Nancy M.
Director Grand Central Terminal
Development MTA
Today was the first day I played with my new racquet (Dunlop Biometic 500 Tour). Againthank you for your attention and recommendation. If I told you in NYC that I thought you were right, now I confirm that!
– Gabriel Vaamonde
Caracas, Venezuela
Grand Central has meant to us on the Babolat VS Team two words: Woody Schneider. He was only one of 7 top stringers from around the US invited to our exclusive inaugural VS String Team Academy. This was because of his extensive industry experience and stringing acumen. We have created an elite Corps to network about stringing in the industry and specifically Babolat stringing. We were fortunate to have Woody join us this year in 2012!
– Rob
Western Regional Manager
Babolat USA